September 6, 2017

Information for the Interested Investor

Business Model
Both apps are net revenue positive products. We have no need to spend more money to accommodate
customers until they demand the service and upon demand of the service they pay a fee. Our monthly
burn rate is $400 to maintain the cloud configuration to support over 125,000,000 accounts on both
apps. Each request for chat in the dating app cost $.99 cents for Unlimited Universal Chat for 30days.
Our cost is less than $.01 cents to deliver that service. For each upload of a video post on Px2, the
user pays $1.99 and our cost is below $.11 cents or so to deliver that service. Both apps have been
reviewed and approved and are live on the Apple App Store Platform for Worldwide distribution.


Sales & Marketing Strategy
We are looking for at least $1 million dollars to advertise the dating app first - on television,
billboards, radio, on bus stops, in social networks, on click on videos and any and every advertising
device we can think of in the Los Angeles area to make our app seem as if it is everywhere all the
time. If you make in Los Angeles with a dating app, the world will follow.
The video classified ad app marketing will follow on.

Competitive Advantage
Our dating app has a very unique style and theme, and is very affordable with a unique quality not
currently available for single or seeking woman and that is the ability to start from an honest position,

which gives more them courage and more security. That is 'priceless' in the dating app business.

Our classified ad app has no competition with delivering video in a classified digital app designed specifically

in a  Classified Ad Format.

Customer Segments
Dating using apps has become kin to a addiction that you don't have to go to jail for having. If you

have an attractive product, you don't have to sell it. You just have to let people know where to get it. 
just tell people where to get it. That is the state of trying to find love in the world today.

Thus, within our target market of men and women from 18 – 80, we really don’t need to identify subsets.

Our app is for general use for any individuals seeking love,dating, marriage or friendship by use of an

application available to be used on an IOS Smartphone with a regional search model that allows chat

and does not include an application or an algorithm to create the associations.


The key to the game in the dating business is single and seeking woman. If you give them a

platform that makes them feel more comfortable, more confident, and more successful at the

process, the revenue to be made is astronomical. We give them the ability to start off 'Honestly',

and that is 'Priceless'! Our valuation, once the revenue is flowing could amount to investment gains

for investors of a purchase price of $1 per share and an expected exit valuation as high as $15 - $30

per share, in my professional investment opinion. I have over 25 years in the Investment and Investment

banking business.


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