The Worldwide Exchange
The Worldwide Exchange - Executive Summary 2017

​​​If you listen very carefully, you will realize that Cobo has what it takes to be the next Billion Dollar App!  Don't delay Invest today!

Our dating app idea is easier, simpler, profitable from day one. We can host 125 million members for only $400 per month, with our digital mobile app cloud configuration. Already in the Apple App Store. Can be in over 50 countries overnight. Depending on our targeting of our advertising  through social media, digital networking, television ads, and billboard ads, Cobo could have explosive growth in a very short period of time. All development is done and there is no expenses going forward, except marketing. With our idea, our net profitable business model, and our unique business delivery for dating - Cobo 'Carry On Baggage Only' dating - The Worldwide Exchange could be a "Billion Dollar" valued company and product within 1 year of a $1 million dollar invest for marketing from you or any investment group.  Cobo - solves a 'little' problem that everybody in the world has. 

Our real-time test of the app shows that branding 'claiming a bag or claiming baggage' is just ringing off the hook for the people who are looking for fun and success in a dating app. It allows women to that 'insecurity' and find men who have decided to 'claim' that as a 'positive' by claiming that bag. It is a real winner for branding.  Our advertising model is profitable from day one, and it is a subscription based model.  Our chat profitability is - we charge $.99 cents for 30 days of unlimited chat and that cost us less than $.01.  This is the place that all your dreams may come true. All we need is $1 million dollars of advertising and we are in and winning!  Marcus sold his company for $525 million dollars and ran it by himself for 5 years.

Believe in our company and all of your dreams will come true.  Just think, single women want an honest way to find an honest relationship without having to feel insecure about their lives or desires. Cobo delivers!  A woman lists her so called 'baggage' and a man who is attracted to her and sees her 'baggage declaration' can claim that 'bag' and start communicating. The describe the type of 'baggage handler' they are and their hopes for what an honest relationship can be. To communicate after an "initial"  message is free.  Unlimited Universal Chat for 30 days only cost $.99 cents. The cost to the company is less than $.01 cents per client. This is the moment to hit the 'Jack Pot'. If you have the cash, make the  leap to super profitability.


Steven O. Butler

President / CEO

Cobo - Has What It takes to Be a Billion Dollar App!  

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