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Cobo - 'Carry On Baggage Dating Only' - where Crazy Girls find the men who love them!

 Cobo - is a "chat" app that promotes chat as a date. Users are allowed to open an account, create a statement, upload a profile image & choose a “Satirical” overlay title that is intended to create laughter and to promote deeper conversation by starting with the shallowest satirical descriptions of a persons’ self-describe dating “state’ or “state-of-mind’ and then eventually "chat" with each other. We do not promote or dissuade individuals moving off the platform for further communication. Our intention is to promote “chat “on the platform that “Disarms” the fears and insecurities of people on the platform, that can lead to opening up and the revealing of your fears and insecurities in order to find healing with an understanding person that you may find attractive for so many reasons that are so much deeper than where you started. your “Satirical” overlay self-description. It's Super Fun!

The Power of App Dating


Powerful Demo of Px2!

Video is Now the tool of marketing! 

Px2 Video Classified Ad Mobile Digital App!

Px2 Video Classified Ads Mobile App will unlock potential sales and unlock your dreams. This is a Classified Ad App with Video as the main display for presentation and review of posted listings for the sell and the distribution of goods, items & services. Px2 delivers a friendly and clean environment to inform, entertain, and to solicit the needs, desires, and intentions of good people and small business with the advantage of the power of Video for the promotion of goods, items, and services in a digital mobile application.  Currently serving many categories in the top 50 cities in the United States of America for listing and with intentions to expand to the UK and Australia.
It is free to download and only $1.99 per listing of a 30 day video post.