Cobo - 'Carry On Baggage Only dAtinG'

where Women find the men who love them!

Every Relationship has baggage, now you can list your baggage and someone can claim it! 

                                                           'What a great way to start'

 The key to this business is to get the single or seeking women to want to post on your app. They say fun and honesty is what they are looking for. With the right marketing plan, we could have over 1 million users in 6 months of the start of the marketing campaign. That would put us in a position to deliver over $1 million dollars per month in revenue with a profitability of over 90% minus Apple's fee for allowing us to display and distribute our Cobo App on the App Store Platform. This is the investment you have been waiting for all your life. With that kind of production, a possible 'Billion Dollar' valuation is just around the corner. If you think that the commercial we present could get women to sign up for the Cobo experience, this is a done deal and a smart and courageous investors has just found his or her pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. ( our test are showing we could gain a million users in 6 months )

You can have fun and start off a relationship by telling someone that you want a 'baby' and know that that person is willing to consider that or really wants that too. Cobo - Carry on Baggage Only' dating is a new dating app that allows women to choose from a list of 'true feelings & desires' and to be searched and picked by that and a profile picture. The men list themselves as baggage handlers and express how they would deal with the real things that make up love and life. It allows you to start off 'honestly' about the things we hide and people find out. This way, when you go on a date, every thing is out front and it only get's better from there. This is our powerhouse product. Cobo will drive this company to a billion-dollar valuation, with millions of dollars of revenue per month.  The potential upside in dating applications for mobile is really beyond our dreams as investors, but being apart of The Worldwide Exchange and Cobo brings those dreams to earth and can make it real for those who are smart enough to jump on board this moving train. 

In all of our lifetimes,  we often hope to find that ‘thing’ that fills a human need, that thing that the public can’t quite get enough of. We all know that the smartphone has taken over all of our lives, and is by definition, ‘The Greatest Sells’ device ever invented. If any one makes a product that can be accessed on a smartphone that solves a human need, then that product becomes ‘Priceless’ and the ‘gold’ of our century.

Cobo is that product. If you haven't noticed, the dating business  has risen to the level of a madness. There are clients everywhere, everyday, all the time. And we have  the right product to fill that void. Cobo is perfect. It allows a customer to start off Honestly! You don't have to fill out a 2 hour form. You don't get told who you need to love. You can state as much or as little as your heart desires. It's like health care should be. Cobo is the epitome of choice, affordable,  only mandated by your participation and need, with a funny and loving way to accommodate all of our pre-existing conditions.

The business model is net revenue positive.

Our company spent years developing a website for video classified ads and eventually made it an app. It is robust, friendly, and a great product to drive small business and individual advertising in the 21st century. Then one night about a year ago, some friends and I were out to dinner and having margaritas and laughing about how all relationships have baggage and everyone in relationships have some level of crazy in them. However, no one in the group could name a single dating site or application that was built to show the baggage or deal with the upfront, upfront. We all agreed that people with baggage, all of us, need a dating app that allows you to start off honestly and continue from that level.. Voila, we decided that an app that allowed one bag or a carry-on bag to enter a dating relationship needed to be invented. :).  Hence, Cobo - Carry On Baggage Only Dating App!

I was the only one who went home and started working on it immediately. The idea is that a woman can sign up for free, create a profile for free, upload an image for free, and then select ‘One Bag’ that self describes her situation, her crazy, or her desire. Hopefully, the one that is most honest and reflects why she is motivated to consider being on a dating app in the first place. I created choices like, ‘My bag wants a baby!’. Probably the most honest statement of all and something no dating app really has a check box for. There are 13 other choices and more coming.

Now the men are ‘Baggage Handlers’ . As they search the profiles of women, they see the image and touch a button to see the description of the chosen ‘Carry-on Bag’ as an overlay. If the fellow likes what he sees and is willing to carry that bag, he hits a button to ‘Claim’ that bag and then he sees her total profile statement, where she can explain herself in even more honest detail. At that point, he can choose to save that profile and then choose to contact her for chat, by hitting the 'let's chat' button.

Woman may also search and find ‘Baggage Handlers’ and check their self-described way of handling baggage and then 'Assign' them to be a carrier, save his profile, and initiate contact via chat. One of the baggage handler overlays says, ‘Heavy bags don’t scarce me,  I’m a big boy”. That is in response to the carry-on bag that says, ‘My bag has kids, keys, credit cards, candy, and kaos in it, it’s heavy!’ We get a big laugh out of that one!

When they finally decide to start chatting, they click an In-App Purchase pop-up, enter their Apple ID and click purchase. Once the Apple ID is verified, the client is instantly billed by Apple our purchase price of $.99 cents for 30 days of unlimited universal chat. That means they can talk to as many people for as long as they want for 30 days. With our current app configuration, using cloud hosting services, allows us to host 125,000,000 accounts and provide 30 days of chat for a monthly cost of $400. We are net revenue positive, because we don't have to provide anything that cost money, until a customer demands the product, and when they demand the product, we get paid! A cash heavy business, with a subscription model, 80% net against cost for delivery, on a smartphone equals a billion dollar valuation.

This unique way of approaching the process of finding love has tested nothing short of amazing. At this point we are moving away from friends and family and looking to allow a small group of investors and or an institution to provide us with the final financing we need to promote & market this product in Los Angeles California, as our primary launch. If you can make it in Los Angeles, the world will follow.  It is the prescription the world is waiting for, as told to us by the women we have tested the product. They laugh and cry with joy as they see the bags that they can choose; while imagining how much fun it will be to be searched by that. The most consistent theme expressed by each woman was that this app gives you a chance to start the experience off with honesty. They say that that is worth every penny they could ever spend on finding love.

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Cobo - The Hottest New Dating App in Town!

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   *unlimited chat is for 30 days from the time of purchase

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Cobo - 'Hottest New Dating App' !  Our 2nd commercial for our rotation

Cobo - 'Carry On Baggage Only' Dating! Fun & Exciting for all women & msn

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