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Cobo - 'Carry On Baggage Only Dating' - where Women find the men who love them!

Cobo - Carry On Baggage Only Dating, is the great app for 21st Century dating. We all have heard the saying, "this relationship has too much baggage". With Cobo the ladies get to claim "1 bag" of choice from a list of very funny, but subliminally true statements. As their profiles are searched, a potential date can touch a button and view that 'Baggage Claim'. The men have a funny way to communicate also. Each male can choose from a list of 'Baggage Handler' definitions that describes his personality and style in handling baggage. The ladies may assign a 'Baggage Handler' which allows them to save the profile and go to that man's chat page profile, while the men may 'claim' a bag for handling, which allows them to save that profile and go to the ladies chat profile page. For $.99 cents each may chat with anyone in the world in our database for an unlimited amount of chat for 30 days.

It is a lot of fun and will be amazingly successful for our users and our investors.

Any Business - Any One can make classified ads come to life with PX2

Powerful Demo of Px2!

Bringing Classified Ads to Life.  Any Business - Any One! With a phone video

An easy and effective way for small businesses & individuals to advertise and be found with video marketing

The Power of App Dating

​ Free to search and find. $0.99 cents for Unlimited Chat with entire database, when you decide to connect. *

   *unlimited chat is for 30 days from the time of purchase

A Mobile App Development & Marketing Company

Px2 Video Classified Ad Mobile Digital App!

Px2 Video Classified Ads Mobile App will unlock potential sales and unlock your dreams. This is a Classified Ad App with Video as the main display for presentation and review of posted listings for the sell and the distribution of goods, items & services. Px2 delivers a friendly and clean environment to inform, entertain, and to solicit the needs, desires, and intentions of good people and small business with the advantage of the power of Video for the promotion of goods, items, and services in a digital mobile application.  Currently serving many categories in the top 50 cities in the United States of America for listing and with intentions to expand to the UK and Australia.
It is free to download and only $1.99 per listing of a 30 day video post.